26 April

Summer Vacation

On the last working day before the summer break the children were bubbling with excitement. To add up there was an extra sparkle in their eyes when they saw what awaited them: plump, juicy watermelons, sliced and ready to be devoured. Their faces lit up with joy as they lined up, eagerly reaching for a slice of the sweet summer fruit. Their happiness seemed to grow with each bite, evident in their wide smiles and delighted giggles. The room buzzed with the sounds of contentment as the children relished the refreshing taste of watermelon. It wasn’t just about the fruit; it was about the simple pleasure of sharing something special with friends on this memorable day.

26 April

Email Day Celebration

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way” Every day is significant in its own right, and today’s email day celebrations at Aditya Vidyashram were informative. Pupils have benefited from knowing the significance of email and the reason for the day’s celebration. Students highlighted the significance of the topic with speeches and skits.

15 April

Parent’s Orientation

Parents gathered at the school for an informative session encompassing past and upcoming academic endeavors. The occasion marked the introduction of the newest member of our leadership team: our new …

15 April

Ramzan Celebration

India is a secular nation and believers of all religious and atheists have a place in this country. We celebrated Ramzan by remarking the importance of Holy book Quran which …

08 April

New Academic Session

“On this first day of school, show the world your brightness and beauty” Every day is a new beginning, and today our Chennai Adiyans embark on a unique new journey. …

19 March

A Massive Talkathon

Give her pain She will turn into power. Give her Chaos She will turn into Peace. She is the Shining star of eternity.These were the magical words with which Lakshya …